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Reef 'Replenish'

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RELEASE DATE: 25 September 2020

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In the band's own words, "Sometime in late 1994 we were in Bath, sat on the roof of a Georgian townhouse watching the sun come up. We’d just made a record. We’d created something, and we were ready to take it out into the world. It was just an incredible feeling, like, ‘This is the start of something.’"

The band is Reef, and 25 years later in 2020, we were happy to re-release their classic debut Replenish on 3 colourways.

Replenish has been out of print for some years now, and hard to get hold of. Initial transparent orange and blue pressings have long sold out, but the classic black vinyl is still in stock.


Transparent Orange Vinyl (HOFFSIDE001LP)
Original pressing of 500

Transparent Blue Vinyl (HOFFSIDE001LPA)
Original pressing of 500

Black Vinyl (HOFFSIDE001LPB)
Original pressing of 500