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Petrol Girls 'Baby'

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RELEASE DATE: 4 June 2022

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Time is supposed to mellow us, but for Petrol Girls it has distilled their feminist politics into an ever more potent cocktail. Fitting, given that their logo from day one has been a flaming molotov. Since their formation in 2012, the band has been known for playing fast-paced, chaotic punk that takes aim at everything from sexual violence to immigration policy, but over the last few years their sound has evolved in a more nuanced direction. Their 2016 debut album Talk of Violence was a blast of pure political rage, while 2019’s Cut & Stitch saw vocalist Ren Aldridge exploring familiar themes from a more personal perspective. Now their latest offering, Baby, sees the band turn another new corner. This time, by embracing irreverence. 

As well as CD, the album is available pressed on viola coloured vinyl, housed in a webstore-only hand screenprinted sleeve, as well as a standard sleeve orange vinyl variant. All first pressings of the vinyl product come with a fold-out lyric insert. 

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Viola Vinyl w/ hand screen-printed sleeve (HOFF390LP)
Original pressing of 500

Baby Pink Vinyl (HOFF390LPA) 
Original pressing of 1500 (indie retail exclusive)

Orange Vinyl (HOFF390LPB)
Original pressing of 1400