At the end of 2022, Casey returned with a two stunning new songs. It had been about four years since the Welsh five-piece had called it a day, but the two tracks, ‘Great Grief’ and ‘Atone’, showed that none of their passion or intensity had been diluted.

And so, just about a year after the band’s reunion, Casey are back with their third full-length album, aptly titled How To Disappear. It’s a record that many people – members of the band included – never thought would ever get made. And while its 12 phenomenal songs certainly match (and then exceed) the incredibly high standards of the band’s back catalogue, this is a band solidified by their many previous years of close friendship, and buoyed by once more doing what they love together.

The result is the band’s most accomplished and ambitious album to date–as ever, these Casey songs don’t just replicate the feelings that inspired them, they embody them; the emotions brought to life by the precision crafting of the band.