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Phoxjaw 'notverynicecream'

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notverynicecream is another staggering release from one of the UK's most inventive and unusual bands. Eclectic, irreverent, titanically heavy and saturated throughout with a signature sense of British whimsy, the album will only see Phoxjaw's star rising further.

Written in various states of lockdown, notverynicecream is a glimpse into Phoxjaw's future mindset. A sugar-sweet sense of abandon covers darker feelings of loneliness, depression, and isolation. Where the band's debut album, Royal Swan, was a record of nationally-expressed extroversion, notverynicecream is Phoxjaw's declaration of introversion. Nihilism, nostalgia and suffering served in a sugary cone; progressive, punishing sonics glossed over with lustrous hyper-pop influences.

We have two limited vinyl flavours and CD available on our webstore, and all are available to bundle a new album artwork-inspired t-shirt. When any album product is bundled with this t-shirt, £5 is automatically deducted from the overall price.

The' mintchocchip' vinyl flavour is exclusive to Phoxjaw & Hassle webstores. The 'strawberries&cream' vinyl flavour is a general vinyl pressing, and also available to pick up direct from us. 


mintchocchip (HOFF408LP) 
Original pressing of 300 (webstore exclusive pressing)

strawberries&cream (HOFF408LPB)
Original pressing of 350  (general retail pressing)

raspberryripple (HOFF408LPA)
Original pressing of 350 (indie retail exclusive pressing)