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Brutus 'Unison Life'

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RELEASE DATE: 21 October 2022

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Turquoise & Light Blue A Side/B Side with Standard Sleeve (HOFF400LP)
Original pressing of 1000

Yellow / Orange Splatter with Deluxe Sleeve (HOFF400LPX)
Original pressing of 800

Turquoise w/ Black & Light Blue Splatter with Standard Sleeve (HOFF400LPB)
Original pressing of 3000

Yellow / Red Fade with Standard Sleeve (HOFF400LPC)
Original pressing of 500



Unison Life is the third studio album from Belgian trio Brutus.

Unison Life is Brutus at their most intentional. It’s an album of extremes, and a blistering illustration of a boundary-pushing band at the top of their game. The heavy parts are even heavier, and the gentle moments are more melodic than ever before. Thematically, it’s similarly exploratory, questioning whether a life of contentment is a myth or a challenge, a delusion or a goal. This new album also sees the band more deliberate about their sound than ever, having had the time and space to really consider their direction due to the global pause on touring.

Brand new Feb '23 'Yellow / Red Fade' pressing of just 500 copies, available only online or at one of the band's current European shows, while stocks last!

All vinyl variants come with a lyric booklet.